Huge Poaching Camp Busted

After receiving information about some illegal activity in Summers County, West Virginia, wildlife officers started investigating and  uncovered a poaching ring of epic proportions.  The men at the Green Sulfur Springs poaching camp had killed 18 deer and were out hunting when the game wardens arrived.

West Virginia Natural Resources Police posted the following about incident on their Facebook page.

After obtaining information about illegal hunting activities at Green Sulphur Springs hunting camp in Summers County, NRP Officer Lyons spearheaded an investigation which lead to several arrests and over $10,000.00 in fines. NRP Officers Toner, Lambert, Tuck, Whittington, and Captain Brogan assisted Officer Lyons in gathering the actively hunting violators out of the woods even though there were 18 deer already harvested hanging at the camp. The violators were from West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. One subject from new jersey had killed 9 deer in two days and another from pennsylvania had killed 6 deer in two days. Charges ranged from spotlighting, to no licenses/stamps, to safety violations. This type of “illegal camp” is a yearly issue for the hunters of West Virginia and with their help West Virginia Natural Resources Police Officers can crack down on the abuse of our Natural Resoucres.
All deer seized were donated to citizens of Summers County.

Hunters and poachers are not the same. Hunters love and respect the land and strive to follow the law and maintain the resource. Poachers on the other hand could care less, their only goal is to take what they can with out giving back. They are selfish and the scum of the earth and should never be referred to as hunters.

I am glad these men were busted and hopefully the fines and other consequences teach them a valuable lesson. Wildlife laws are in place for a reason and need to be followed so everyone has a chance to share the resource.