Cop Saves Fawn’s Life with Emergency C-Section

New Jersey cop, Jim Vernon, is being hailed as a hero after saving a baby deer’s life. The officer responded to a deer vehicle collision in Washington Township to find doe pregnant with twins. He sprang into action and preformed an emergency C-section.

According to CBS News, the roadside operation happened around 3:30 a.m., after an animal control official noticed there was movement inside the deer. Sad to say that only one of the  fawns survived and was turned over an animal rescue facility.

The Washington Township Police department posted the following on their Facebook page.

“Again, job well done Rob!

Written by Robert Lagonera ACO: “Animal Control again. I know I’ve been posting a lot but this morning was too crazy to ignore. Starting at 3:30 am i was dispatched to a deceased doe that was just hit and still had moving fawn inside of it. Washington Township police Officer Vernon took the initiative and performed an emergency C-section on the deceased doe saving one of the two fawn inside. I arrived and took it home to dry it off and get it warm while rubbing its chest to help the underdeveloped lungs work. While doing that i got dispatched again for a loose horse on the washington/white twp boarder. Officer Vernon was again on scene and we both walked it back to its paddock. After some finagling we got it back inside. Now I’m running around getting the premature fawn the care it needs. No amount of coffee is too much today lol.”

Awesome Job Officer Vernon  Why to think on your feet and save the little guys life.