4×4 All Terrain Turkey Decoy

When I first saw this hunting product I thought it was a joke. Who in the world would buy 4×4 all terrain turkey decoy? I figured that someone had started April fool’s a week early and was trying to pull a fast one. But when I looked into it to my surprise it is a genuine product. It may cost a pretty penny, but The Mobo Gobbler 100% real.

The concept seems pretty sound. You could drive your tom around the field in a lifelike fashion and if the

just go over and get them. I watched a few videos and it looks like it would be pretty fun. Would you buy one?

You can order one here: Boeckmann Decoys MOBO HEN Remote Controlled Turkey Decoy

Here are the specs from the web site.

Boeckmann Decoys introducing the MOBO GOBBLER the first Remote Controlled Turkey Decoy this is the newest and best turkey decoy on the market! Do you ever get tired of the same old hunting style? Where you take your decoy and hope that the Tom you’re chasing will come into your setup? If so, then look no further the first fully mobile remote controlled turkey decoy.

This decoy will change the way you hunt forever. If a bird is out of range, drive the decoy to him and bring him right back to your setup. The old toms can’t resist! It works amazingly on field birds. Have you ever been hunting and had an old tom hang up with hens and stay just out of range? You can close the gap by driving the decoy to him. The old tom will feel challenged and follow the decoy back to you.

Anyone can use this decoy. From women to young children, pros or beginners, this decoy is guaranteed to increase your success in turkey hunting. The MOBO Gobbler is light weight: 7 lbs and easily portable. If you change locations, just take out your straps, throw it on your back and away you go!

The motor is an electric brushed.
Transmission forward and reverse low torque.
4X4 drive system.
Battery 7.2v 2000mAh Nimn charger-included.
Run Time is 1hr.
Power down decoy from remote for longer battery use.
Water resistant.
The range is roughly 250 yards.