The 14 Most Unique Whitetail Mounts

As I look at all of the mounts that hang on my wall, I can remember the hunt as vividly as if it was yesterday.

They stand forever as tributes to the animal and the hunt. When a hunter decides to get one of his deer mounted, the traditional way is a simple shoulder mount, but sometimes you want to take it a step further. These hunters decided to ask their taxidermist to go the extra mile and they did not disappoint.

14. Barbed Wire Buck

13. The Kill Shot

12. Hydro-dip

11. Family Portrait

10. Pack Out

9. Mountain Lion Buck


8. As it Lays

7. Bedded Buck

6. Baucus Buck

5. Corn Fed


4. Skull and Arrow

3. Fight to the Death

2. Vintage Pack Out

1. Piebald Shoulder Cape

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