14 MLB Players Who Love To Hunt

Baseball has had many avid hunters come through ranks.

Here are 14 MLB players that love to hunt.

1. Bo Jackson (Left Fielder)

2. Chipper Jones (Third baseman)

3. David Wells (Pitcher)

4. Goose Gossage (Pitcher)

5. Jake Peavy (Pitcher)


6. Jim Thome (First And Third Baseman)

7. Mike Timlin (Pitcher)

8. Ray Oswalt (Pitcher)

9. Adam LaRoche (First Baseman)

10. Babe Ruth (Outfield And Pitcher)


11.Jon Lester (Pitcher)

12. Craig Biggio (Second Baseman And Catcher)

Craig Biggio and the Biggio famly

13. Ted Williams (Left Fielder)

14. Willie Bloomquist (Utility)

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