11 Mounts that make you think “What was the Taxidermist Smoking?

Taxidermy is an art, and like artists in other disciplines some like to push the envelope. Not all of these are bad, I would just classify them in the odd, strange, and downright weird. With some of these you have to wonder what kind of drugs were these people on. So sit back and enjoy.

11. Paint me like one of your French girls.

10. Airborne Squirrel of All American Division

9. Did you really need to mount them this way?

8. Stop doing that we do not want baby WTF


7. I can’t feel my legs! That’s because they ain’t there.

6. Momma said they was my magic shoes.

5. Wool you have a seat?


4. This is what night mares are made of.

3. Steam punk animals kind of cool, I guess.

2. This one really is pretty cool, Two face Cat

1. I got nothing. Just WTF!

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