10 TV Hunters Who Got Busted For Hunting Violations

If you are a TV hunter you are always going to under the microscope, so must always cross your
T’s and dot your I’s. Some of the violations were simple mistakes with no intent to break the law, but
others were blatant act poaching. For more information on each of the incidents I included a link.

Lee Lakosky, The Crush with Lee and Tiffany

Lee used the wrong tag to check in a deer he killed in Iowa. He had a valid tag for the deer but accidentally used a different tag to check it in. He was fined $100

Bryan “Pigman” Quaca, Pigman

Shot a turkey in Oklahoma while only possessing 5-day Non-Resident Hunting License instead of an annual Non-Resident Hunting License, which is required to harvest a turkey. He was unaware of his violation until after the show aired and he received a call from the game warden. He was fined $972.25.

Ted Nugent, Spirit of the Wild

Rock star, Ted Nugent has had a couple of wild life violations. First in 2009 he was cited by Alaska after making a non-lethal hit on a black bear in that area that considered any hit bear a “Filled Tag.” He then killed another bear later in the hunt making that bear illegal. He says he was unaware of the law. He was fined $10,000 and agreed not to hunt in Alaska or Forest Service land for 1 Year.

In 2010 he pleaded no contest to deer hunting violations. He shot a spike buck over bait both of which are illegal in California. In a statement he said he was following the instructions for his guides and wished he had checked the law book for himself. He was fined $1,750.

Bob Beck, Extreme Outer Limits

In 2010 Bob was hunting deer Idaho during the show he explains Idaho’s rule allowing hunters to purchase a second tag that entitles them to shoot an additional whitetail. He proceeds to shoot two deer, even though he only possessed 1 tag. He was fined $2,600 in fines and restitution and he lost hunting privileges for a year.