10 NFL Players Who Love To Hunt And Fish

The NFL is no stranger to our blood brothers of the outdoors.

Here are 10 NFL players that love to hunt and fish.

1. Brett Favre (Retired Quarterback, Green Bay Packers)

2. Brian Urlacher (Linebacker Chicago Bears)

3. Joe Thomas (Offensive Tackle, Cleveland Browns)

4. Justin Tuck (Defensive End, New York Giants)

5. Brett Keisel (Lineman, Pittsburgh Stealers)


6. Jared Allen (Defensive End, Minnesota Vikings)

7. Trent Cole (Outside Linebacker, Philadelphia Eagles)

8. Adam Vinatieri (Placekicker, Indianapolis Colts)

9. Colt McCoy (Quaterback, San Francisco 49ers)

10. Jason Babin ( Defensive End, Jacksonville Jaguars)


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